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Meet ShadowDragon at the National Cyber Summit/
Huntsville, AL  /  September 21–22

The cyber world is getting bigger every day.

Join us for two days of education, collaboration, and innovation so we can keep it secure.

Tabletop Experience


September 21–22

Meet and greet team ShadowDragon at our table!


Request some 1:1 time

September 21–22

Get a deep dive into our suite of tools to see how they can save you time, freeing up your effort to focus on your investigations.

Email to set up your meeting.

About ShadowDragon

We strive to help businesses, law enforcement, governments, and the military focus on effective investigation and analysis. In other words, we exist so the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

Actionable Intelligence

Gain actionable intelligence about both physical and digital threats.

Social Media Aliases

Connect, resolve, and verify social media aliases to personal identities.

Customizable Parameters

Search with customizable parameters to extend analysts’ expertise.

Focused Reports

Produce better, more focused reports without the hassle of manual collection effort.

Drilldown data

Drill down for further investigation of various data through multiple tools.

Global Connectors

Access the latest in live data from across the Internet thanks to our global network of collectors.